Pharma Poland Sp. z o.o.

PHARMA POLAND based in Gdynia, is a dynamically developing company operating in the pharmaceutical industry..

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Pharma Poland works closely with pharmaceutical companies. The range of services rendered is dictated by dynamic growth and expectations of counterparties, whose level of services in relation to counterparts is increasing every year. Taking care of the highest quality of products is the overriding goal of our business. In our offer we have a wide range of components, packaging and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Striving for the highest standards of the services offered, we require constant improvement of qualifications and training of our staff. We provide comprehensive services in the field of consulting, negotiation on behalf of the client, purchase, packaging, delivery, storage of products for the broadly understood pharmaceutical sector. Modern logistics systems and warehouses systems allow the efficient distribution of ordered goods.

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The company's business is ...


Wholesale of pharmaceutical components.


Confectioning and storage of raw materials in accordance with the highest standards.


Research, development work.


Market research and public opinion polls.

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The high standard of our services ensures satisfaction of our clients. Maintaining in business high ethical standards we strive to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Pharma Poland Sp. z o.o.
str. Mariacka 2/1,
81-383 Gdynia